Resort Moeciu is located 7 km from Bran Castle and 30 km from Brasov. You can stay in hotels and villas, you can dine in a restaurant of international renown or drink in a pub complex.The generous space and excellent facilities makes the place ideal for activities, for team building or leisure. Resort Moeciu is a holiday complex situated in ideal location and consists of two hotels and seven rustic villas. The 137 rooms of the complex offers panoramic views. The restaurant has a capacity of 400 seats. Here is a unique place where you can enjoy vintage wines or taste traditional Romanian plates in.

Spend your free time in a relaxing way by pool, sauna, tennis, football, playground for children, ski and snowboard rides 4x4 cars, bicycles, horse-drawn carriage. The restaurant is the main attraction because is a restaurant in middle of which flows a mountain river whose water sets in motion a small wooden mill. In the pub you can organise dance parties, stay in discussion in a friendly and cheerful environment. The pub facilities include: home cinema, darts, billiards, karaoke, internet and table tennis